The A3BC is a national biobanking and information network committed to improving the health of men, women and children living with arthritis and autoimmune conditions.

The network currently includes more than 70 rheumatology clinicians/ researchers and over 60 recruitment sites, biobanks and research laboratories.

The network collects a broad range of linked biological information (e.g. genetics, microbiome), patient-reported details (via the ARAD Registry), and medical data. The information is then integrated and examined using large-scale data analytics.

It is a comprehensive, national resource designed to better support Australian researchers and doctors in delivering best diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for those with arthritis and autoimmune conditions… and hopefully find a cure.

We aim to:

  1. Establish a national biobank network to collect, process and store a broad range of high-quality biospecimens for biological research
  2. Integrate biospecimen information with national datasets, including patient-reported, electronic medical record, cancer/death registry and Commonwealth data.
  3. Analyse these integrated large-scale datasets to identify and study potential patterns of significance for patients and the healthcare system.
  4. Translate discoveries to improve disease prediction, identify more precise treatment, inform prevention strategies, and hopefully find a cure for arthritis and autoimmunity.

… To give the right care, to the right patient, at the right time!