The A3BC was formed to give researchers a greater chance of discovering why some people are more likely to develop arthritis. We may also learn why some develop a worse type of the illness than others. Long term, we hope that the new information will help researchers develop new treatments, come up with ideas for prevention, and better care for people living with arthritis. The best way to achieve this is to build a state-of-the-art national resource, the A3BC Biobank.

The A3BC hope to recruit well over 50,000 participants with various forms of arthritis, and produce information on participant biology (e.g. genetics), environmental and lifestyle risk factors, and medical factors, for more precise detection of biological and environmental risk factors and improved treatment of these conditions.

This project has been initiated by the study doctor, Professor Lyn March AM, in collaboration with several other national doctors and researchers. The A3BC is funded by the CLEARbridge Foundation (a philanthropic organisation) and A3BC partners across Australia. Further Commonwealth funding is also being sought.

Nationally, the A3BC encompasses doctors and researchers from over 50 hospitals, universities and research institutes from all Australian states. These include public and private healthcare providers and several arthritis and autoimmune related clinics and research facilities.

The A3BC lead investigator group (over 20 current members) involves researchers from a number of organisations and all Australian states, working in collaboration to achieve common objectives. More than 10 research organisations and well over 50 researchers will contribute to the A3BC. The A3BC has several existing international collaborations, and is developing more.

A3BC Process Diagram