Integrating a data and biospecimen framework to connect research discoveries to healthcare delivery.

The 2017 Australian Productivity Commission Report of Data Availability and Use highlighted several legal, organisational and cultural factors leading to health-related information being poorly captured and used in Australia (as in other developed countries). As such, a number of Commonwealth reports and strategic reviews have highlighted the need to invest in enhancing capability and capacity in data-intensive research, and driving collaboration between research institutions, government, industry and consumers (Aust. Govt. National Research Infrastructure for Australia – Research Data Infrastructure Committee, 2014, Aust. Govt. Productivity Commission, 2017, Innovation and Science Australia, 2016, McKeon et al., 2013, Singh et al., 2015).

A revolution of information sharing and big data analytics in health and medical research is underway, and the A3BC is committed to being at the coalface of this activity. In time the A3BC hopes to train members in digital health strategies, fund PhDs/fellowships to explore analytical techniques (across all A3BC biospecimens and patient-reported, clinical and administrative data), and work with our digital health partners to explore the useability of our combined dataset intelligence in informing both precision and preventive medicine innovation.

The A3BC will develop a cutting-edge national online data capture, integration, linkage and analytics platform, in consultation with best of breed technology partners, and leading digital health groups, including NSW eHealth, the Digital Health CRE, Digital Health CRC, Intersect Australia and others.